• Heal Painful Hot Spots Naturally and Help Your Dog Feel Tail-Wagging Good Again!

    Hot spots hurt. Take care of your beloved furry friend with the #1 safe and effective, natural hot spot spray.

Why Choose Doggy Derma?

What Makes Doggy Derma So Effective?
What Makes Doggy Derma So Effective?


Egyptian Privet has long been known as an extremely effective, natural healing treatment when applied directly from the plant, but it lacks sustaining strength, which has made it nearly impossible for practical use… until now. Our botanical scientists cracked the code on this amazing plant, and Doggy Derma was born. You won’t find another natural hot spot treatment nearly as effective. Egyptian Privet is very aggressive against bacteria, but also gentle on the skin and sub-dermal layers. It promotes more rapid healing and re-granulation of the tissue. That means no more aggressive chemicals or steroids for your beloved pet to endure in order to treat hot spots.

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Doggy Derma’s special formula attacks bacteria and simultaneously promotes rapid healing. Simply spray a small amount, twice a day, until the irritated, damaged skin looks healthy again, and your furry friend’s mood and beautiful coat begin to return.