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Yes, we are dog lovers just like you… but we’re also dedicated biotech scientists and passionate about natural products.

Our lead scientist came to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago, and with his expertise in chemistry and pharmacology, and his family’s ancient knowledge of natural healing, turned his focus to patient care. In clinical observation, he saw hundreds of unhealed chronic wounds, and an idea took shape to attack this debilitating healthcare issue with Egyptian Privet…

Of all the chronic wounds a pet may suffer from, hot spots are one of the worst. They’re painful, they’re dangerous, and the common treatments are just as risky and arguably worse than the hot spots themselves.

Before Doggy Derma, dog owners were forced to choose between two poor options:

1. Treat hot spots with slow, less-effective natural treatments and hope for the best.
2. Treat hot spots with aggressive steroids that can potentially cause liver damage and take years off their pet's life.

This is why we’re proud to provide a new, fast-relief solution for all dog owners faced with this difficult dilemma… You won’t find another natural hot spot treatment nearly as effective as Doggy Derma Hot Spot Spray.

I guarantee your dog will make a quick recovery and be back to their happy self again in no time.

Bob Jacobus, CEO
Our Promise
The science behind doggy derma
The science behind doggy derma

The key ingredient in Doggy Derma Hot Spot Spray, Egyptian Privet, has been used as a healing treatment as far back as the Roman Empire, when handfuls of leaves were packed into battlefield wounds to promote healing. But unless you had access to the plant, Egyptian Privet wasn’t available as a practical treatment for humans or animals, until now… After years of R&D, our scientists formulated a way to sustain the strength of Egyptian Privet outside of the laboratory.

Our determination paid off, and we now have developed the world’s first Egyptian Privet based spray. Today, hot spots are easily treatable thanks to the special formula in Doggy Derma Hot Spot Spray, which attacks bacteria and simultaneously promotes rapid healing of your dog’s beautiful coat.

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Hot spot spray for dogs

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Doggy Derma’s special formula attacks bacteria and simultaneously promotes rapid healing. Simply spray a small amount, twice a day, until the irritated, damaged skin looks healthy again, and your furry friend’s mood and beautiful coat begin to return.