Q:  What's in Doggy Derma?  Is it all natural?
A:  Doggy Derma is simple on the surface, but complex at its core. Egyptian Privet leaves are dried and crushed, and purified water is circulated through the leaves, creating a simple, all-natural extract (just like tea). Our preservation process, however, is our top secret key to a successful product, ensuring that the extract maintains its potent properties for an extended period of time.
Q:  Will the spray hurt or sting when applied?
A:  The spray itself doesn't sting, but the force of the sprayer may startle your pet or sting slightly, in which case just increase the spray distance a bit.
Q:  Should I use Doggy Derma in combination with other remedies?
A:  Loving pet owners will do just about anything for their dogs, including trying some crazy remedies. Since we can't imagine (or test for) all the possible combinations that you might come up with, we suggest you stick to using Doggy Derma alone on your pet's hot spot, since we know this works.
Q:  How long does this brown tint stay on my dog's coat?
A:  The brown tint is a natural characteristic of Egyptian Privet, and helps you see full coverage of the spray. The tint should disappear within a couple weeks of the last treatment.
Q: How should I store Doggy Derma?
A: Doggy Derma can be stored unopened at room temperature until the printed expiration date. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating Doggy Derma to maintain the full potency of the product.
Q:  How long can I keep a bottle around?
A:  Doggy Derma is very effective in small amounts, and safely maintains its potency for years, but we recommend that you use bottles in two weeks once unsealed and if not refrigerated, just to be conservative.